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1) the robot is programmable. it sings the tune of the keyboard strokes –in the moment when the day vanishes and the sky looks pink although it is blue- of a man.

2) the programming is easy. or so I think. Or so I hope. [The easiness of the auto-corrector, capitalizing the letter that comes after the full stop, the easiness of the auto-corrector reminding me of the third person and its s, the easiness of the auto-corrector pointing out that what I want is a copulative preposition but I just typed “an”]. The damned computer is mediating, affecting what I have to say about an issue that is at the same time so familiar and so exotic.

3) I am:  a series of adjectives which could last a lifelong-non-stop-absurd typing. And yes, I am that man trying to deal with the demystification of femininity. Absurd.

4) Or not so absurd because I:

  1. a) am the product of a woman.
  2. b) live among women.
  3. c) genetically participated in the creation of one.

5) How can the other side of the coin have anything valid to say about the opposing side? Answer: i. same coin; ii. same material; iii. same pocket; iv. same flipping; v. all the previous answers are wrong.

6) My biggest issue here is mediation. My experience with femininity is completely mediated by the fact that I am a man. Not only due to the fact have I come to accept my socially-given sex, but I embraced my socially-given gender identity by having a kid in a heterosexual relationship (and many other things, which are out of topic, but nevertheless give me validation when writing this while the sun goes away). How can I demystify femininity to my daughter, when I know that my voice is the product of a band that plays an exotic-sounding sound {ukulele, koto, and djembe orchestra} when saying “feminine”. (a solution, kind of, follows)

Ä: Femininity is not something “natural”. It is constructed through socio-historical practices and norms that mutate and evolve.

Ö: Women are the central actor involved in the construction of femininity: as subjects of femininities, as objects of femininities; as constructors of femininities; as destructors of femininities; as deconstructors of femininities; as victims of femininities; as enforcers of femininities; et cetera.

Ü: The so-called biological imperative plays a vital role in the historical division of roles that has resulted in the –easy to say, actually quite meaningless- dichotomous concept of femininity/masculinity.

Once these three premises are presented, a robot is constructed to:

-Create a mutating mosaic of women, who can serve as role models (here role models is understood as an example which does not need to be followed, but which allows to have a starting point from where to start an uncertain and joyful journey). The audience can suggest women to the artist (see contact details). These will be added to the experience. At the end, this is just an exploratory tool to dive into other-lives that can at the end have an impact in the our-lives.

Key concepts: women; history; admiration; role model; tribal up-bringing

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